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Have You Heard? No One Wants the © Reform

Both the Romanian Council Presidency text adopted on Friday 8 February by COREPER I and the version of the copyright Directive adopted in the European Parliament in September 2018, which will form the basis of the trilogue starting on Monday evening, 11 February at 20h CET, have been met by an increasing opposition from a wide-variety of stakeholders, both as regards Article 11 on the press publishers’ right, article 13 on upload filtering and/or even against the Directive as a whole, and this for a number of sometimes diverging reasons.

The overview below of those who have voiced their concerns can only leave one with the feeling that something must be utterly wrong with the current proposals on the table, if all these stakeholders – having had opposing views throughout the debate – start to agree on the same thing, namely: that everyone would be better off without the proposed reform. It also indicates that there is no single voice representing creators or journalists, whilst there has been a consistent and unified view expressed from the users’ side to say no to Article 11 and 13.

This should give a strong signal to policymakers that moving forward with the copyright reform in its current form is the wrong option, and that the best legacy this European Parliament could leave us would be to decide to reject the whole copyright proposal that is on the table. Alternatively, the institution representatives at the trilogue this week could simply delete Articles 11 and 13, which would go a long way into ensuring the Copyright Directive finally becomes more balanced.

Recent Positions by Stakeholders

Date Organisation(s) Resource
8 Feb, 2019 Journalists

  • IFJ –International Federation of Journalists (representing 600.000 media professionals)
  • EFJ –European Federation of Journalists (representing over 320.000 journalists in 70 journalists’ organisations across 44 countries)


 7 Feb, 2019 Music, audiovisual, broadcasting and sports industries:

  • ACT – Association of Commercial Television in Europe
  • AKTV – Czech Association of Commercial Television
  • DFL – German Football League
  • ICMP – The Global Voice of Music Publishing
  • IFPI – Representing the Recording Industry Worldwide
  • IMPALA – Independent Music Companies Association
  • La Liga – The Spanish Football League
  • Mediapro – Independent Production Company
  • The Premier League – The English Football League
  • Zwiazek Pracodawców Prywatnych Mediów – Polish Union of Private Media Employers, Lewiatan


 Open letter
  7 Feb, 2019 The Coalition of European Innovative Media Publishers together with 25 small and medium sized publishers, media companies and digital native outlets, including:

  • 300polityka – Poland
  • Association of Publishers of Periodical Publications (AEEPP) – Spain
  • Associazione Nazionale Stampa Online (ANSO) – Italy
  • Meltygroup – France
  • Prauda – Denmark
  • Dcnews & Adevarul – Romania
  • Journal of Ireland – Ireland


 Open letter
  7 Feb, 2019 Audiovisual sector:

  • AKTV – Asociace komercních televizí
  • APA – Asociace producentu v audiovizi
  • Belga Films & Home Video
  • EPC – European Producers Club
  • FAMA – Film and Music Austria
  • FIAD – International Federation of Film Distributors Associations
  • FIAPF – International Federation of Film Producers Associations
  • IFTA – Independent Film & Television Alliance
  • IVF – International Video Federation
  • Producentforeningen – Danish Producers’ Association
  • Allianz Deutscher Produzenten – Film & Fernsehen
  • VAP – Verein für Anti-Piraterie der Film- und Videobranche
  • VAUNET – German Media Association, Verband Privater Medien e. V
  • VOFTP – Vlaamse Onafhankelijke Film & Televisie Producenten vzw


Open letter
4 Feb, 2019
Startups: Allied for Startups (representing a worldwide network of over 40 advocacy organisations in 3 continents) Statement
Feb, 2019
German Media Group Bertelsmann Position paper
29 Jan, 2019
Broad community of stakeholders ranging from civil society organisations, creators, academics, universities, public libraries, research organisations and libraries, startups, software developers, business organisations, EU online platforms, to Internet Service Providers (+85 Organisations), including:

  • European Digital Rights (EDRi)
  • Civil Liberties Union for Europe (Liberties)
  • Copyright for Creativity (C4C)
  • European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA)
  • European Internet Services Providers Association (EuroISPA)
  • European University Association (EUA)
  • Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche – Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER)
  • Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition Europe (SPARC Europe)
  • ARTICLE 19
  • Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
  • COMMUNIA Association
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  • Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL)
  • Index on Censorship
  • International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
  • Open Knowledge International
  • World Wide Web Foundation


Open letter
17 Jan, 2019 Consumers: European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) (representing 43 independent national consumer organisations from 32 European countries) Open letter
15 Jan, 2019
Audiovisual and sports sector, and scientific publishers:

  • ACT – Association of Commercial Television in Europe
  • ANICA – Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive Multimediali
  • AKTV – Asociace komercních televizí
  • ARCA – Asociatia Româna de Comunicatii Audiovizuale
  • CRTV – Confindustria Radio Televisioni
  • FAMA – Film and Music Austria
  • FIAPF – International Federation of Film Producers Associations
  • IFTA – Independent Film & Television Alliance
  • IVF – International Video Federation
  • MPA – Motion Picture Association
  • Premier League
  • STM – International Association of STM Publishers
  • VAP – Verein für Anti-Piraterie der Film und Videobranche
  • VAUNET – German Media Association, Verband Privater Medien e. V


Open letter

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Herman Rucic is Senior Policy Manager in the secretariat of the Copyright 4 Creativity (C4C) coalition. He is Senior Policy Manager at N-square Consulting since September 2010. [All content from this author is made available under a CC BY 4.0 license]