Monday, 22 July 2024

Finnish Data on Costs Paid to Scientific Publishers

The Finnish Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT) collected data on the costs paid to scientific publishers in 2016, and found that:

  • Finnish higher education institutes and research institutes paid last year 35 million euros for electronic material from scientific publishers;
  • the biggest publisher, Elsevier, received over 10 million euros; and,
  • the five biggest publishers received about 80 % of total publisher costs.


The publisher cost data is available as open data licensed under CC BY 4.0 license, including academic publisher costs for 2010-2015.

The Finnish research community created a website called ‘no deal, no review’, as the Finnish library consortium (FinElib) seems willing to boycott Elsevier and not renew its subscriptions to Elsevier journals, unless Elsevier presents a fair deal. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture outlined that the subscriptions contracts that are to be signed must significantly increase the opportunity for Finnish researchers to publish openly. A recent update on the negotiations with Elsevier show that the situation is not going in the right direction.


Caroline is coordinator of the Copyright 4 Creativity (C4C) coalition. She is also the founder and Managing Director of N-square Consulting (N²), a Brussels-based public affairs firm. She is the author of ‘ Survival Guide to EU Lobbying, Including the Use of Social Media’. [All content from this author is made available under a CC BY 4.0 license]